Friday, 24 May 2013

Jack Frost says 'hi'

Well I might be in Brisbane but Jack Frost is still about, despite the cool breezes I just finished breakfast on my balcony. It's a lovely sunny day though you have to wear a hoodie to keep warm. I've had a fab 9 days off starting with my mum arriving from Newcastle to visit me Friday before last. We managed a day trip up to the Eumundi markets on the Sunshine Coast, nestled amongst the Moreton Bay Fig trees in a quiet but busy village the markets were full of interesting curios and I rather liked one stall where they had made animals and insects from sculpting cutlery, the shop is called 'Cutlery Creations'.

We also stopped in at Yandina to the Buderim Ginger Factory, rode the Ginger train though we did feel a little embarrassed that we were the only ones on the train without a child lol, there were suicidal chickens running around and under the train as we steamed our way around the factory grounds. I've never seen chickens run so fast for some bread, including one which must have had a previous mishap with the train as it had a damaged wing and a limp but it careened across the grass as fast as it's little legs would carry it. Later in the week we went op shopping which I love and caught up with family friends, my house feels empty now mum has flown home, I better plan her next visit. 

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning with 4 ladies from Brown Owls, our host Julie from 'Ministry of Handmade' ( made us feel very welcome and while those of us who've crocheted before went on with our current projects, Julie showed the others how to make a granny square. Cooper the black lab kept us company more out of hope of scoring a piece of cake from the table than anything else hehehe. I managed to get a huge chunk of my rug done which I started when I was 16! At the time I found one mistake at the start of my work when I was 4 rows from finishing and decided to pull it undone even though my mum was begging me not to....I've now re-started it and will try to finish it once and for all and there is more than one mistake in it now but I don't care, I just want it done and dusted. Next project I'd like to tackle is a ripple blanket I think for my niece Marissa, in mauve and purple (her fav colours). In between all this I'm at a stand still on my bed socks as I am stuck on the pattern and can't work out the heel. I'm also trying my hand at crocheting with a 2mm hook and crochet cotton, I've been working on some different blocks from my book of 300 blocks. The great thing about having multiple projects on the go is that there something to suit whatever mood I'm in and eventually something will end up finished......uhmmmm....when I'm 90 maybe lol. 

Treble crochet rug in 100% new wool using a 4.00mm hook

Latest copy of Simply Crochet, check out the cute puppy scarf below from this issue. 

The Ginger Train - Buderim Ginger Factory, Yandina, QLD

Ginger soaking in syrup at the factory - Buderim Ginger Factory, Yandina, QLD

Cute little church at Yandina village, QLD

Sweet project for your puppy this winter - Simply Crochet Magazine 

Have a great weekend and I'll chat later. :-)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Can I have a new pair of legs please?

Hello and Happy Easter,

Does anyone know of a spare pair of legs I could have, I walked nearly 14000 steps yesterday, first I met some people from a new group I joined on 'Meet Up' for a walk around the Lagoons at Sandgate followed by a well earned coffee, it was great meeting new people and I really enjoyed getting out for a walk. Afterwards I drove to Redcliffe (where the Bee Gees grew up) and walked along the waterfront and checked out the numerous cafe's, shops and Bee Gees Way. Lots of people were out and about and I stopped in at the Teddies and Sweets English Tea Rooms for a cup of Yorkshire tea.

Last night I headed to the cinema to see 'The Host' (based on the book of the same name by Stephanie Meyer) and really enjoyed it. It was much better than expected as I hadn't been able to get into the book, I was definately not disappointed. I had a bit of a chuckle to myself as two girls in there late teens/early twenties were watching the movie a few seats away in their PJ's!!!! I didn't realise it was socially acceptable for a grown woman to wear her pj's out in public except maybe to the letterbox to get the paper. Oh, the things you see...hehehe....

Today the shops are closed and I'm very stiff from all my walking yesterday so I'm going to potter about the house, pack my bags ready to travel to site tomorrow and this evening I'll head to my friends place to watch a DVD. All in all I've had a great R&R this time around and look forward to my next break as I'll be flying to Sydney to attend my friends wedding. Late last week I posted her the cushion I embroidered for her and her partner (photos of this are on an earlier post of mine) so I hope next week after the Easter long weekend when it arrives she likes the gift I made.

Have a relaxing and safe Easter and I'll talk soon.


Monday, 25 March 2013

Sorry it's been a while...

Well, I've been slack and haven't bothered to post for a while though I'm not sure anyone reads my posts lol. I've been out on site at work and enjoying living in the camp rather than the motel as it takes 5 mins instead of 45 mins to get to and from work each day. I've been hitting the books for my uni subject which has taken up a lot of my free time. This week I'm on R&R and since Saturday I've been indulging in some craft. Saturday I met up with the Brisbane Northside Knitters and Crocheters at Yarn Over 

I had a great morning/afternoon hanging out with the ladies in my group chatting, laughing and learning from the more experienced in the group. If you are in Brisbane you should head over to Blaker Street and check out Yarn Over, it has a wide range of American Yarn including Lion Brand and the ladies in store are welcoming and helpful. I also discovered a vintage millinery shop and a cute little quilt shop where I bought my mum a new style unpicker which has rubber ends that get rid of the little bits of cotton. If you do go don't forget the stores in Blaker street are closed Monday's. I was disappointed when I drove over there to buy more yarn for the socks I started crocheting on Saturday only to find the closed sign on the door. I made the most of the trip and checked out the Vinnies charity store and treated myself to a very nice decaf cap at Cave Coffee just next to Grovely train station.

After my coffee I decided to head over to Fortitude Valley to Chester Street and check out Tangled, another yarn store I discovered after I left the cinema for the Alliance French Film Festival. I was very disappointed as there was not much to see in store other than yarn and I had expected more accessories and pattern books sadly not to be found except they had a bunch of magazines but even the old ones were still being sold for the original price, not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

In between crocheting my first ever pair of socks (I'm at a standstill now as I need help with the pattern to complete the heel) I spent this morning crocheting a circular scarf with some chunky yarn I'd had laying around and hadn't decided what to do with yet. I used my 19mm giant crochet hook which I purchased for a few $$ at Spotlight a while back. I think it turned out quite well, I added a twist which allows it to hang around my neck quite easily and it's not going to fall off in the winter winds. Check out my pictures below......

Have a great week everyone and I'll try to post more often just in case your


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rainy Day Project


It's been a while since I posted as I've been tied up with work and the start of uni which have both been keeping me very busy. It's the wet season in Queensland at the moment and to make the most of being stuck inside out of the rain I found a little project that I managed to complete in a day and a half. I found this project on Mollie Makes Gathered, the instructions are at the link below. I cheated and purchased a plain cushion from Target for $10. Removing the cushion insert from the cover I drew the design free hand using the instructions as a guide, I used the clover water soluble pencil to mark the design and then used a small hoop to support the fabric while I sewed. Some of the embroidery I had to complete without the hoop as it wouldn't fit easily near the seams but it turned out okay anyway. I used DMC Cottton Pearl - 838 in chocolate brown (25m-27.3y (=5g)) I only needed one skein of brown and one of red, the dark red was DMC Cotton Pearl - 815. 

This is a great beginner project as it only requires back stitch and is simple and quick to complete. I made this cushion as a small pre-wedding gift for my best friend and substituted the 'I Do' in the instructions on Mollie Makes for their initials which happens to match the theme of their invitations. I will post it to them this week and I hope they like their little gift, as they have recently moved into their newly purchased home it should make a nice little addition to their lounge suite. 
Below are photos of my project as it progressed....

Saturday, 2 February 2013


My heart goes out to those in flood devastated areas of QLD and NSW after the Australia Day weekend storms. Many homes particularly Bundaburg which also bore the brunt of 6 tornados in one day have been completely obliterated. Many now face homelessness, unable to return to their homes that have been washed away leaving barely anything behind to say a house once stood here. 5 people sadly lost their life in the floods, the wounds left from Cyclone Yazi in 2011 are still fresh in peoples minds and may who have lost their home have only just finished rebuilding from 2011 only to lose everything again. It has been good to see on the news that communities are rallying together and help one another get through this very tough time. 

I'm not sure when I can get back to site as it's still flooded in Dalby so tomorrow I have to work from the office in the city, it will be good to grab a skinny cap on my way to work. I hope we can go back to site Tuesday or Wednesday. In he meantime I've had a busy R&R, my best friend visited me, I caught up with my local friends and also had brunch with my nephew and his wife who were visiting from NSW. Sadly I had to register my car in QLD and get new number plates. I really hope to get back to Sydney in a year or too as I miss it terribly. The shops in QLD all shut early, it's like living in the offence intended if you are a Queenslander reading this but really...this is supposed to be a city and shops shut at 5pm on the dot....aggghrrrrr

I had better get back to organising my enrolment for uni this year, I nearly fell of my chair when I saw the cost of some of my textbooks for this semester....yikes. 

Monday, 21 January 2013


My good friends welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world yesterday all be it 6 weeks early but both Mum and bub are doing well. I just sent them some flowers as they are all the way across Australia in Perth with no family or friends there to celebrate as they have only just arrived in Perth to start their family life there. I now need to start planning my year so I can make a trip over to Perth to visit them and meet baby. Below is a sweet little poem for baby:

Goodnight Sweet baby

We give you a bath and dress you all snug,
We read you a book and give a kiss and a hug.
We smile as we bid you a sweet goodnight,
We blow you a kiss and we turn out the light.

Goodnight sweet boy.

A move, a whimper, little cries,
We wait then go to dry your eyes.
We smile as we watch you rest your head,
We bid farewell and head to bed.

Goodnight little darling.

A shout we hear as startled we wake,
We slowly head to your room, "Boy is it late!"
A little while later we finally find sleep.
We pray that the restful silence surely will keep.


Our attempts to sleep are to no avail,
As we wake to your whimpers, cries, and a wail.
A midnight feeding, a binky, your boo,
We drag ourselves back to bed hoping all that will do.


Not so much. You're up once again,
Babbling as if to ask, "Where you been."
We drag our worn-out bodies back to your room,
Mommy's secretly wishing she could put you back in the womb

. . . .

We rock you awhile and sing you a song,
But we know that you won't be asleep for long.
It's 3 AM as dad heads to bed.
But instead of sleep it's ESPN.

Mom goes downstairs, "No sleep for me."
Instead she dusts, washes dishes, and folds laundry.
And little baby all snug and safe in his bed,
Smiles as he rests his sweet little head.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Flooding....start of the wet season

Well, my first taste of what is to come....flooding near Dalby overnight has resulted in my not being able to get to work as the roads are blocked by water. I hope I can get to work tomorrow and I hope with expected heavy rain this coming Friday I don't get stuck on site as it's my day to leave on R&R (Rest and Relaxation) and my best friend is arriving Friday night to spend Australia Day weekend and I can't wait. It will be our last girls weekend to hang out before she gets married. We'll drive up to the sunshine coast and visit the Eumundi Markets held every Saturday and Wednesday and then stop for a late lunch in Noosa by the water. 

Photo taken from Lagoon Pocket B&B website, to check out this B&B go to:

I've never been to Noosa but from this website it looks like a tropical oasis so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Being that I was unable to go to work, rather than hang around in my room all day I decided to go for a walk into town and stretch my legs before the heat became too much. Not much happens in Dalby on a weekend but I was surprised to find the Coffee club a hub of activity with locals dropping in for a relaxed breakfast and coffee. I ordered bacon, eggs sunny side up and gluten free toast along with a pineapple juice and followed up by a skinny cappucino. Unfortunately they killed the eggs which didn't come sunny side up and the bacon was greasy so I didn't finish all of it. The coffee wasn't too bad but I was disappointed by the breakfast as in my mind I felt I was guaranteed satisfaction with a cooked brekkie in a country town; my hopes were dashed. On a positive note, what is a girl to do when she can't go to work and has not much to do? She goes shopping, not much was open but I went for a wander through the dollars and sense store and found a mini sew repair kit with compact mirror, manicure set all for $2.50 each and for $9.95 I bought a lovely travel neck pillow. It is pink with white polka dots and has those miniature beans in them which make them nice and comfy as they mould to your neck. It will come in handy on my trips to and from dalby (6 hour bus ride from Brisbane). While in town I also stopped in at the Golden Casket news agent and treated myself to the November 2012 issue of 'Inside Crochet' and I'm inspired though frustrated that I can't start any craft projects or work on current projects as I don't have my sewing bits with me. 

I did use my new mini sew repair kit to repair the strap on my small shopping bag which I use all of the time. There are lots of great projects in the magazine I purchased and many are small and hopefully attainable. Some of the projects that have caught my eye to put on my attempt list (to do list might imply I was guaranteed to successfully complete and knowing my poor ability to follow any crochet pattern I'm more likely to fail than succeed), The Milly Molly Mandy Scarf, Cookie Coasters, Moore Pincushion and Wee Mousie. I live in hope though and one day I will succeed in finishing a project. 

Anyway it's always great to seek inspiration it keeps the imagination flowing and keeps me motivated. Time permitting later this year I will attempt two workshops with the Queensland Spinners and Weavers one on Beginning Spinning (I need to put my great-aunty Netta's spinning wheel to work again) and Crochet which goes over two days.

Well I might sign off for now and go stretch my legs again, perhaps the sun has left a patch of shade for me to enjoy reading my 'Inside Crochet' magazine out in the fresh air. 

Happy crafting everyone.